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Are you tired of out of the box reservation software? We get it. That’s why we’ve built all of the features you need to meet the unique needs of your business.

Web Booking Engine

Activity and Tour Reservation System Feature Travel Agent Login
Travel Agent Login
Your affiliates can sign up on their own via your website so you can grow your affiliate network fast and without the need for any complicated set up on your end.
Tour Reservation System Feature White Label Booking Engines
Let your affiliates resell your tours & activities on their website using custom CSS to create booking engines that match their branding.
Activity Reservation System Feature Upsell Automation
Upsell Automation
Automatically offer optional upsells during the checkout process to increase your revenue per transaction on every web booking.
Tour Reservation System Feature Multi-Currency
Display your pricing and accept payment in up to 23 different currencies to give your customers a great shopping experience.
Tour Reservation System Feature Multi-lingual
Translate each of your products into as many as 39 languages so you can convert more international website visitors into customers.
Tour Reservation System Feature Intuitive Search Filters
Intuitive Search Filters
If you have a large catalog of tours & activities make it easy for your customers to shop online with intuitive search filters built directly into your booking engine.
Tour Reservation System Feature Low Inventory Alerts
Low Inventory Alerts
Convert more website visitors into customers by increasing their sense of urgency with our low inventory alerts.
Tour Reservation System Feature Real Time Availability
Real Time Availability
Never worry about overbooking again! All bookings from your customers, employees, and affiliates update your inventory in real time.
Activity Reservation System Feature Commission Indicators
Commission Indicators
Your affiliates can visit your website and immediately see any potential commissions they can earn for each sale they refer to you.
Tour Reservation System Feature Travel Agent Dashboard
Travel Agent Dashboard
Give your affiliates the ability to log into your website to view commissions they’ve earned and generate reports for invoicing in one convenient dashboard.
Tour Reservation System Feature Custom URL
Custom URL
Never send your customers to another website to book again! Create a seamless shopping experience for your customers with a URL that matches your brand.
Tour Reservation System Feature Transportation Automation
Transportation Automation
Automatically direct guests to the nearest pick up location you offer based on the address or hotel they’re staying at.
Tour Reservation System Feature Rich Media Content
Rich Media Content
Upload beautiful images and videos to create a high quality slide show for each of your activities.
Tour Reservation System Feature WordPress Plugin
WordPress Plugin
Easily integrate ActivityRez into your WordPress website using our plugin

Point of Sale

Tour Reservation System Feature Smart Log

Smart Log
Use our Smart Log feature to get full transparency into every sale or use it to leave comments for your team so you can communicate more efficiently than ever.
Tour Reservation System Feature Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer
Prompt your employees to enter an opening float for your various payment types so you can track payments in and out of your drawer throughout the day
Tour Reservation System Feature Ticket Forfeiture

Ticket Forfeiture
Customers canceling their bookings too late? No problem, easily free up your inventory without giving a refund with our ticket forfeiture feature.
Tour Reservation System Feature Commission Dashboard

Commission Dashboard
Let your employees view their commissions earned from directly within the Point of Sale so they are incentivized to reach their monthly sales goals.
Tour Reservation System Feature Split Payments

Split Payments
Give your customers the option of using multiple payment types in one sale so you can give them the best experience possible.
Tour Reservation System Feature Affiliate Credit

Affiliate Credit
When processing manual bookings for sales referred by your affiliates you can easily give them credit for the sale for invoicing or reporting.
Tour Reservation System Feature Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts
Navigate the Point of Sale in a hurry using keyboard shortcuts so your customers get the help they need, when they need it.
Tour Reservation System Feature Inventory Management

Inventory Management
Quickly adjust your inventory on the fly so you can reduce unsold inventory and maximize sales.
Tour Reservation System Feature User Controls

User Controls
Specify which points of sale or bookings team members can access and view.
Tour Reservation System Feature Calendar View

Calendar View
See availability across all activities you sell for the entire month for quick booking
Tour Reservation System Feature Multi-day Itirenary Creation

Add multiple tours, activities, and products to each sale to build complex itineraries for your customers and increase revenue per transaction.
Tour Reservation System Feature Availability Confirmation

Availability Confirmation
Avoid headaches with Inventory control rules that prompt you to call to confirm availability when you’re reselling another company’s products and their inventory is low.
Tour Reservation System Feature Search Sales

Search Sales
Quickly and easily look up your customers or past sales with powerful search functionality.


Tour Reservation System Feature Relationship Processing
Connect with any company in our network so you can do business together. Quickly access more inventory or more resellers to help grow your business quickly.
Tour Reservation System Feature Affiliate Management
Affiliate Management
Easily add and manage the affiliates you work with from within your account so they can help sell your products for a commission.
Tour Reservation System Feature Cross Selling
Cross Selling
Sell other products from any company in our Marketplace to improve the customer experience and add more revenue per transaction.


Tour Reservation System Feature User Roles
User Roles
Customize access to your account for each individual team member so their path is clear and to prevent mistakes.
Tour Reservation System Feature Fulfillment
Easily check-in your guests or mark them as “No Show” from a desktop or mobile device.
Tour Reservation System Feature Fees
Create custom fees to add to your sales transactions so you can help mitigate any operating costs you have.
Tour Reservation System Feature Discounts
Create custom discount codes which you can share with potential customers and your affiliates to drive more sales.
Tour Reservation System Feature Employee Commissions
Employee Commissions
Create and customize the commission rates your employees can earn for each individual product they sell in order to incentivize your team to reach their goals.
Tour Reservation System Feature Block Inventory Management
Block Inventory Management
Allocate blocks of inventory for your resellers to maximize sold inventory and to prevent overbooking.
Tour Reservation System Feature Pricing Contracts
Pricing Contracts
Designate pricing contracts between you and your resellers so they can immediately begin selling your products on your behalf.


Tour Reservation System Feature Email Support
Email Support
If you have a unique question feel free to drop us a line 7 days a week. On average our customers receive a response to their questions within 2 hours.
Tour Reservation System Feature Knowledgebase
Visit our knowledgebase and find tutorials with screenshots, answers to frequently asked questions, and helpful videos to answer most any question.
Tour Reservation System Feature Phone Support
Phone Support
Have a general question or wanna chat? Call us at 888-450-2002 and a friendly member of our Client Success team will be happy to help.
Tour Reservation System Feature Emergency Support
24/7 Emergency Support
Need help and need it fast? Customers on our Professional and Enterprise plans can call us 24 hours a day to get immediate help.


Tour Reservation System Feature 256 Bit SSL Encryption
256 Bit SSL Encryption
All of your company data is protected with bank level security
Tour Reservation System Feature PCI DSS Level 1 Certified
PCI DSS Level 1 Certified
Your customer’s payment information is stored and processed securely.


Tour Reservation System Feature Standard Reports
Standard Reports
Easily generate the most common reports that you use on a daily basis to keep your team on track.
Tour Reservation System Feature Business Insights Reports
Business Insights Reports
Get all of the data you need to make actionable decisions with data visualization from our business insights reports.
Tour Reservation System Features Custom AdHoc Reports
Generate custom reports to meet the unique needs of your organization with our enterprise grade reporting option.
Tour Reservation System Features Cash Drawer Reporting
Cash Drawer Reporting
Generate end-of-day reports for all of your point of sale locations so you have a clear picture of your sales transactions each day.


Tour Reservation System Features Responsive Point of Sale
Responsive Point of Sale
Process and manage bookings from whichever device is most convenient for you so you’re not tied to one location.
Tour Reservation System Features Responsive Web Booking Engine
Your customers can book on any device so they’ll always have the best shopping experience and you’ll convert more website visitors.
Tour Reservation System Features Mobile Fulfillment App
Mobile Fulfillment App
Easily check in your guests on the day of the event using the ActivityRez Fulfillment app for Android.

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