Why People Abandon Online Travel Bookings [Infographic]

Michael Folling|December 14, 2015

The travel industry has the highest rate of shopping cart abandonment among all industries.

This means that your customers are less likely to book your tours and activities through your website and are more likely to shop around with your competitors and resellers before making a decision.

Can you guess why?

It’s due to combination of things that all ecommerce websites struggle with but mainly due to one thing that is unique to online travel bookings.

So do you want to increase the number of bookings you receive on your website? Then you’ll want to understand why your customers are abandoning your checkout process in the first place. This infographic should help.


Reducing shopping cart abandonment and increasing your online bookings is easy if you’re able to identify what’s causing your customers to abandon the checkout process.

Do you have hidden fees in your checkout process or any one of the other red flags mentioned in this infographic? If so, you could be losing valuable online bookings to your competitors or resellers.

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Michael is part of the marketing team at ActivityRez. He enjoys coming up with creative ways to help travel companies grow their business.

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