Take Your Activity Business To The Next Level With A Booking Engine That Does It All.

Whether you are an activity supplier or an agency, you need to be able to sell online. ActivityRez’s fully integrated booking engine will have you selling online in no time. Plus with our built in features you’ll be able to grow your business like you’ve never imagined. Your employees will operate more efficiently and your customers will be happier. Isn’t that the way it should be?

 Label Booking Engine

Booking EnginePrivate Label Booking Engines

Get more products on the shelf.

With ActivityRez’s private label feature you can create micro sites dedicated to individual products you want to sell or just create one booking engine to sell everything. Take it a step further and give your partners instant access to your inventory with a booking engine that matches their brand. Their customers will never know the difference and your business will grow faster than ever before.

Booking Engine Real Time Availability

Booking EngineReal Time Availability

Instant gratification equals happy customers.

Customers can see the exact dates your activities are available and book inventory in real time. Inventory updates instantly so your employees can see the big picture. You’ll never have to worry about over booking or customer service issues again and you’ll reduce unsold Inventory for increased revenue.

Booking EngineComplete Integration

Real time technology where you really need it.

Every aspect of our application is integrated. Website bookings show up in your fulfillment immediately. Point of sale bookings update inventory in real time on your website. Make changes to web bookings all from within your point of sale. Everything is connected so nothing slips through the cracks… ever.

Booking Engine

Booking Engine

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Back Office

Back Office



Booking Engine for Travel Agent

Booking EngineTravel Agent Login

Built in affiliate technology.

The ActivityRez travel agent login makes it easy to put your affiliates to work for you. Expand your network to travel agents around the world and instantly add new revenue streams to your business. Affiliates can sign up on their own from within your booking engine and view commission percentages for complete automation.

Booking Engine Agent Commissions

Booking EngineAgent Commissions

Create incentives for your affiliates.

Set up affiliate commissions in a snap. Apply a flat rate on all activities sold or set commissions by individual guest type depending on what your margins are. Your affiliates can log in and see exactly how much they’ll earn for each guest type sold. They can even log into their own dashboard and see how much commission they’ve earned to date.

Multi-Lingual Booking Engine

Booking EngineMulti-Lingual

Sell in up to 39 Languages.

Do you offer tours in multiple languages? Then you’ll want to allow your customers to shop in multiple languages as well. Easily create multi-lingual versions of every activity you sell so you can convert every customer that visits your website regardless of what language they speak.

Multi-Currency Booking Engine

Booking EngineMulti-Currency

Accept payments from around the world.

ActivityRez’s booking engine is designed to take payment in up to 23 currencies. With more payment options and multi-lingual capabilities you can sell to customers around the world and truly become a global supplier or agency.

Booking Engine

Automated Transportation and Driving Instructions

Booking Engine Automated Transportation
Automate every step of the fulfillment process. Customers can enter their hotel or address during the check out process and select from the nearest pickup location to them. Their automated email itinerary will tell them exactly where and when to meet for pickup.
Booking Engine

Automated Customer Service and Follow Up

Booking Engine Automated Customer Service
Receive an automated email with every new website booking. Record new bookings or be alerted when you need to confirm availability and follow up with your customer. Once confirmed, email tickets to your customers with the click of a button.
Booking Engine

Rich Media Content

Booking Engine Rich Media Content
ActivityRez’s media uploader allows you to create a high quality slide show for each of your activities. Upload beautiful images and videos to “wow” your potential customers and increase sales. Your marketing department and your customers will love it.
Booking Engine

Intuitive Search Filters

Booking Engine Search Filters
Improve the customer’s experience by allowing them to search for activities with multiple filter criteria. Visitors can search by category date, keyword, or even mood. Our powerful booking engine gives them the exact results they’re looking for.