Manage, Market, And Grow Your Activity Business From One Easy To Use Interface.

Wouldn’t it be nice to manage all operations for your activity business in one place? With the ActivityRez Extranet you can do everything from fulfilling your bookings to expanding your reseller network. What more can you ask for?

Tour Booking Engine Extranet for B2B

B2BB2B Relationship Processing

Tap into our network of partners.

Whether you’re a travel agency or an activity supplier there’s a partner for you within ActivityRez. As an activity supplier you can choose from any agency in our network to sell your activities. Just send a reseller request and submit your rates from within our system for your resellers to approve. If you’re an agency, send a supplier request to any of the global activity suppliers on our network and begin selling their inventory instantly.

Tour Booking Engine Extranet for B2B Inventory Management

Inventory and Block ManagementInventory and Block Management

Maximize your inventory for more revenue.

Easily update your inventory in real time to maximize unsold inventory and prevent overbookings. Your customers, agents, and resellers will see your actual inventory so you can receive automated bookings. For even more automation enable email notifications to be alerted when an activity is sold out or a block is full.

User RolesUser Roles

Give your employees access without giving away the keys to the kingdom.

Easily assign different permissions to all employees who access your ActivityRez account. Whether it’s an agent or a member of your accounting, marketing, or fulfillment teams. You can limit their access to only the sections they need to manage their day to day tasks.









Tour Booking Engine Upsells

CriteriaCriteria & Options

Automate your upsells.

Add options to each of your activities so your customers can opt into your upsells during checkout and truly customize their booking experience. Is there any criteria you need from your customers beforehand to make fulfillment a breeze? You can require any criteria you want during the checkout process. Whether it’s a passenger’s weight or meal selection, ActivityRez will help you automate your bookings from beginning to end.

Tour Booking Engine Rate Sheets

Rate SheetsRate Sheets

Easily create pricing contracts with your resellers.

Submit and manage pricing contracts for all of your resellers from within your ActivityRez account. As an actiivty supplier you have full control over your retail price and reseller commission rates. It’s so easy to update your contracted rates that you can change them as often as you want to reflect your inventory or marketing promotions.


e-Voucher Processing

Tour Booking Engine e-Voucher Processing
Easily record and track bookings received through your fulfillment dashboard. Your bookings, and any changes made to them, will show up in real time for you to view. Even track “no shows” and “check ins” so you have a complete audit trail of each booking.
Smart log

Smart Log

Tour Booking Engine Smart Log
Get full sales audit history with the ActivityRez Smart Log so you can see a timeline of the entire sale. Your staff will have more knowledge about your bookings and will be able to service your customers better than ever.
Rich Media Content

Rich Media Content

Tour Booking Engine Rich Media Content
Create eye catching descriptions with rich text editing and add an unlimited amount of photos to each of your activities. With every update you make your content is published in real-time to all activity desks and websites within ActivityRez.
Automated Transportation

Automated Transportation and Driving Instructions

Tour Booking Engine Automated Transportation
Add pick up times and locations to your activities and give your customers the ability to select the nearest pickup location to them during check out. On the day of fulfillment use your manifest arrival report to know exactly when and where to pick up each customer.