Measuring Success Just Got Easier.

How can a business succeed if there’s no way to measure its success? We don’t believe it’s possible. Which is why we provide powerful reporting features to monitor your operations and finances.

Tour Booking Engine Reporting Feature


Knowledge is power.

Do you love analytics? So do we. ActivityRez is set up to for you to easily install your own analytics account tracking code so that you can monitor the traffic coming to your ActivityRez booking engine. With this Knowledge you can convert more customers and identify new opportunities. Are you getting a lot of a traffic from other countries? No problem. Use our multi-lingual and multi-currency features to increase sales and bring in more revenue.

Tour Booking Engine Reporting Feature Commission Report

Ad HocAd hoc Reporting

All of your metrics on demand.

How can you reach your goals if you don’t know where you stand? With ActivityRez you can track and manage all aspects of your operation’s numbers with our robust, ad hoc reporting engine. Customize your daily reports to give you all of the key metrics you need for important decisions.

Tour Booking Engine Reporting Feature Canned Report

Canned ReportCanned Reports

Quick and easy reporting.

Not quite ready for our ad hoc reporting? No problem. Every account gets a basic set of reports for free. So whether you need to run a report for billing accounts receivable, to view your daily sales, or to print your daily manifest we’ve got you covered. Everything you need to manage operations is in one convenient location.

Accounts Payable Reports

Accounts Payable Reports

Tour Booking Engine Reporting Feature Accounts Payable Reports
Do you sell activities for activity suppliers? Then you’ll need to keep track of your accounts payable. ActivityRez automatically tracks every sale made through our system and any net due to your suppliers.
Employee Commission Reports

Employee Commission Reports

Tour Booking Engine Reporting Feature Employee Commission Reports
Tracking employee commissions can be time consuming without the right tools. With ActivityRez’s automated commission tracking and reporting, your employees can easily view their earnings and you can process payroll in a snap.
Accounts Receivable Reports

Accounts Receivable Reports

Tour Booking Engine Reporting Feature Accounts Receivable Reports
Do you have resellers selling your activities for you? If so, then you’ll need an easy way to keep track of your accounts receivable. ActivityRez automatically tracks net due to you and organizes it in one handy report.
Sales Reports

Sales Reports

Tour Booking Engine Reporting Feature Sales Reports
If you have multiple sales channels, keeping track of your numbers can be a headache. With ActivityRez’s powerful reporting engine you can segment your sales reports based on whichever criteria works best for you.