Delight your customers with a seamless process for fulfilling your tours and activities.

Acquire loyal customers and generate referrals for your brand with a world class fulfillment process built off of ActivityRez functionality. Your team will be more efficient than ever and your customers will sing your praises.

Fulfillment and Operations


Easily record and track bookings received through your fulfillment dashboard. Your bookings, and any changes made to them, will show up in real time for you to view. Even track “no shows” and “check ins” so you have a complete audit trail of each booking.

Fulfillment and Operations Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Keep your customers happy and provide the best service possible with powerful features to manage your relationships with them. Stay in touch, offer personal suggestions, and build anticipation for their upcoming experiences with more insight into each of your customer’s profiles and purchase history.

ActivityRez has helped reduce the majority of the phone calls that we have to make to confirm inventory
with our activity suppliers which has saved us hours out of our day and it has noticeably reduced
customer service issues and cancelled reservations.

George Kaka, Hawaii Tours and Activities LLC

Rate Sheets

Submit and manage pricing contracts for all of your resellers from within your ActivityRez account. As
an activity supplier you have full control over your retail price and reseller commission rates. It’s so
easy to update your contracted rates that you can change them as often as you want to reflect your
inventory or marketing promotions.

Fulfillment and Operations Rate Sheets
Fulfillment and Operations Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Easily update your inventory in real time to maximize unsold inventory and prevent overbookings. Your customers, agents, and resellers will see your actual inventory so you can receive automated bookings. For even more automation enable email notifications to be alerted when an activity is sold out or your block inventory is full.

Employee Commissions for Activity Reservation System

Employee Commissions

Setting employee commissions used to be tedious, but not anymore. We make it easy for you to set the the commission you pay your employees, all the way down to the ticket type. Do you resell products that aren’t your own? With ActivityRez you can fine tune your employee commission for each product you resell so your profit margins are always healthy.

Ticket Forfeiture

Fulfillment and Operations Ticket Forfeiture
Depending on your cancellation policy you may want to free up your inventory without issuing a refund. With our ticket forfeiture feature you can easily forfeit a customer’s ticket with the click of a button so no inventory goes unsold.

Split Payments

Fulfillment and Operations Split Payments
Accept multiple payment types and split payments between whichever tender is most convenient for your customer. This functionality helps you deliver amazing service for all of the various customer requests you receive on a daily basis.

e-Voucher and e-Ticketing

Fulfillment and Operations e-Voucher and e-Ticketing
Tired of messing with printer connections and paper jams? Go green and have all of your vouchers, receipts, and itineraries sent to your customers electronically. They’ll love the convenience and you can feel good about reducing your costs and environmental impact.

Transportation Automation

Transportation Automation for Fulfillment and Operations
Automate every step of the fulfillment process. Customers can enter their hotel or address during the check out process and select from the nearest pickup location to them. Their automated email itinerary will tell them exactly where and when to meet for.