Collect signatures on your phone or tablet and store signed waivers in the cloud for free.

Connect our free app to your existing cloud storage service such as Dropbox and have your customers sign your waivers directly on your phone or tablet. We'll automatically upload the signed waivers to the cloud and organize them into folders so you can easily find them later. 

Save money by using your existing cloud storage service

Most liability waiver services charge you based on the number of signed waivers you save each month which can end up being the equivalent of thousands of dollars per gigabyte of storage. With Liability Waivers by ActivityRez you can connect to the existing cloud storage service you already use to save your waivers for free or for a fraction of the price of other liability waiver services.

Save time with a streamlined processes

Collecting customer signatures with pen, paper, and clipboards can be a time consuming process. Speed it up by having your customers read and sign your waivers directly on your smart phone or tablet. The app automatically uploads and organizes the waiver for you so you can immediately move on to the next customer. You can even email your customers a copy of their signed waiver directly from your device if they request it.

Keep everything organized

Storing physical waivers can be expensive and take up valuable space. Liability Waivers by ActivityRez oranizes your signed waivers into folders by month and year and timestamps them so you can find them using any device connected to your cloud storage service of choice. Need to find a waiver for printing or to email to a colleague or customer? Everything is available for you to view in real time with the cloud storage apps you already use!

Liability Waivers by ActivityRez is a 100% free app. Download it today and take the pain and expense out of your existing process for collecting customer signatures.