Everything you need to market and grow your activity business.

Wouldn’t it be nice to manage all of the sales channels for your activity business in one place?
With ActivityRez you can manage your direct bookings, reseller bookings, and even bookings from
affiliates with unprecedented ease.

Activity Reservation for Sales and Marketing Teams
Sales and Marketing

Web Booking Engine

The ActivityRez booking engine seamlessly integrates with your website to match your branding. Never send your customers to a different URL or use a booking engine that looks like everyone else’s. Your customers can even book multiple activities and products in the same sale. These features help you convert more customers and increase your revenue per transaction.

Activity Reservation System Point of Sale

Point of Sale

With the ActivityRez point of sale your entire team can access your product catalog and process bookings from anywhere in the world. Sell your own activities, rentals, and merchandise or sell the activities of any supplier in our marketplace for access to even more inventory. Plus, our beautiful calendar view helps your agents see the big picture so they can build custom packages and multi-day itineraries for your customers.

We chose ActivityRez for the ability to manage all of our direct bookings and reseller bookings
in one place. As a small business the time savings of using one system has been invaluable.

Pamela Davis-Lee, Hokupa’a

Private Label Booking Engines

With ActivityRez’s private label feature you can give your affiliate partners instant access to your inventory with a booking engine that matches their brand. Their customers will never know the difference and your business will grow faster than ever before. If you own multiple brands or websites you can also use this feature to easily create booking engines for all of your SEO and PPC campaigns.

Sales and Marketing Label Booking Engines
Sales and Marketing Travel Agent Log In

Travel Agent Log In

The ActivityRez Travel Agent Login makes it easy to put your affiliates to work for you. Expand your network to travel agents around the world and instantly add new revenue streams to your business. For complete automation your affiliates can visit your website, sign up on their own, and view the commission percentages they can earn on every sale they refer to you.

Sales and Marketing Market Place


Whether your business is already big or is small with big dreams, there’s a partner for you within ActivityRez. We make it easy for you to connect with every company in our marketplace so that you can sell each other’s products. So instead of just selling your own tours and activities you can sell complimentary tours and activities from other suppliers on our system. This means happier customers and more revenue for your business.


Sales and Marketing Multi-lingual
Do you offer activities in multiple languages? Then you’ll want to allow your customers to shop in multiple languages as well. Easily create multi-lingual versions of every activity you sell so you can convert every customer that visits your website regardless of what language they speak.


Activity Reservation System that is Multi-currency
With ActivityRez you can take payment in up to 23 currencies. All these payment options plus the ability to offer your activities in any language means you can sell to customers around the world and truly become a global activity supplier or travel agency.


Activity Reservation System that Can Upsells
Add upsells to each of your activities so your customers can opt in during checkout and truly customize their booking experience. If there’s any criteria you need from your customers beforehand, like their weight or meal selection, ActivityRez will gather it automatically to make your sales and fulfillment process a breeze.


Sales and Marketing Analytics
Do you love analytics? So do we, which is why we make it easy for you to install your own analytics account tracking code to monitor the traffic coming to your ActivityRez booking engine. With this knowledge you can convert more customers and identify new opportunities.